4th Cello-Forum La Cellissima 2024/2025

with Maria Kliegel

October 18 to 21, 2024
November 29 to December 02,  2024
January 03  to 06, 2025

January 25 to 27, 2025
February 14 to 17, 2025
April 11 to 14, 2025
May 30 to June 02, 2025


Maria Kliegel launched her new project Cello-Forum


The cellist Maria Kliegel has recently founded a Cello-Forum in Essen, where she lives. The first

courses are already fully booked. About her Cello-Forum La Cellissima, Maria Kliegel says: "The aim of the Cello-Forum is to establish itself as a unique meeting point for cellists outside the regular university life. It is intended to provide assistance for those who have not yet found a suitable place at university or also to prepare them for the inevitable event of entrance exams. “

With its monthly appointments, the Cello-Forum thus sees itself as a supplement to an already ongoing course of study and wants to be a temporary domicile for those who already have university degrees but have not yet found their place in professional life.

Kliegel: "Such a process sometimes takes many frustrating years, insecurities, doubts, fears and discouragement gain the upper hand. Performance situations break away. Hard-earned quality gets lost. Who cares? I do! That's why I want to prepare orchestra auditions and discuss the results afterwards if not successful, accompany competition preparations as objectively as possible, self-critically but positively, observe concert performances and CD recordings, provide advice and support. "


The success of the Forum proves Maria Kliegel right. Obviously, there is a need.



First master class of Cello-Forum CF04

takes place October 18 to 21, 2024

All about the cello  -  inspiration all around
That is the motto of my Cello-Forum.  It is intended for cellists who have not yet begun their music degree, who are in the midst of a program and would like to enhance it, or those who have completed their studies and are preparing to begin their professional life. I also reach out to talented youngsters from about 12 years of age and adults. These can be professionals or hobby cellists who play at an advanced level.
With my decades of experience as a professor at numerous conservatories, on the one hand I would like to provide assistance and suggestions about preparing entrance auditions, and on the other, to assist in and strengthen preparation for exams, competitions, orchestra auditions, concert appearances, and CD recordings.  My international experience on stage and in the studio, both as soloist and as chamber musician, has shaped me since my youth, as have my experiences on the juries of numerous major competitions. I know all the tricks of the trade and would like to pass on my sound know-how as well as my enthusiasm for the cello.
I look forward to giving you a warm welcome here at the "cultural living room" of the Ruhr metropolis.  May we discover together in this uniquely beautiful environment the secret to excellent cello playing, its gorgeously moving sound and captivating expressiveness.

Main topics:
- In-depth study of repertoire and instrumental technique
- Efficient practice techniques with the result: confidence on stage and in stressful public appearances
- Exchange of experiences dealing with stage fright and performance anxiety
- Tips on memorization, confidently playing from memory
- An often asked question: how do I keep a cool head without losing my passionate heart?
- Ideas, suggestions, and also referrals in the search for a suitable teacher, instrument, or bow


The more questions we have from participants, the better! It enriches the experience for everyone and challenges me!


Maria Kliegel

Maria Kliegel, cello, studied with János Starker at Indiana University in Bloomington, USA. Mstislav Rostropovich described her as La Cellissima: "The best cellist I have heard since Jacqueline du Pré."

She has won many first prizes in national and international cello competitions (including the American University Competition in Chicago, the German Music Competition in Bonn, the Aldo Parisot Competition in Brazil, and the Concours Rostropovich in Paris) and has made appearances as a soloist across the world.
Her extensive repertoire has been recorded on both CD and video. With around 1 million CDs sold worldwide, Maria Kliegel is the market leader in the field of cello literature. Above all, she has made a name for herself through her untiring commitment to contemporary music, which includes world premieres and CD recordings of works by, among others, Alfred Schnittke and Sofia Gubaidulina as well as Wilhelm Kaiser-Lindemann's Hommage à Nelson Mandela. She has also been a jury member in many competitions and is known for her active involvement in music education. Since 1986 Maria Kliegel has been teaching a master class at the Cologne University of Music.

In Schott Master Class Cello, her multimedia book and DVD project published in 2006, she explores completely new paths for learning how to play the instrument. The volume was awarded the Digita special prize for the best German educational software and the Comenius EduMedia seal in 2007. Since 2010 the label Naxos has been selling the English version Using Technique and Imagination to Achieve Artistic Expression worldwide.

After almost three decades of brilliant and critically acclaimed productions for the label Naxos, with over 40 solo CDs and 2 Grammy nominations, Maria Kliegels latest production has been released in spring 2019 on the label GENUIN. On this new album “Voyages Sonores” Maria Kliegel is joined by the well-known pianist Oliver Triendl performing works by G. Connesson,C. Debussy, F. Poulenc, M. de Falla, E. Granados and G. Cassado.
Maria Kliegels album “Voyages Sonores” has been nominated in 2019 for the prestigious INTERNATIONAL CLASSICAL MUSIC AWARD and for the german OPUS KLASSIK award as well.
In 2019 Maria Kliegel served as a faculty member of the newly founded “Institute of Musical Excellence” in Wroclaw (Breslau), Poland. Furthermore, Maria Kliegel will be a professor at the “University of Music” in Brescia/Italy from November 2021 on.
Maria Kliegel is impressively expanding her sphere of activity as a pedagogue with the international “Cello-Forum La Cellissima” in Essen/Germany she founded as of September 2021. - This forum includes international master classes on several dates per year. 


Maria Kliegel plays a cello by Carlo Tononi, ca.1730, Venice.

Course information:

Date                                                                      Course Number

October 18 to 21, 2024                      CF 04-Oct.

Nov. 29 to Dec. 02, 2024              CF 04-Nov.

January 03 to 06, 2025                       CF 04-Jan. 1

January 25 to 27, 2025                     CF 04-Jan. 2

February 14 to 17, 2025                  CF 04-Mar.

April 11 to 14, 2025                           CF 04-Apr.

May 30 to June 02, 2025                   CF 04-May



Classes offered for active participants:
Single 50-minute lessons; up to 4 single lessons may be booked.

Confirmation of reservation for the course will be provided following receipt of the course fee in the account indicated at the end of this information sheet.
If the total teaching time is booked, the course will be closed. Participation is limited. Please contact the Bürgermeisterhaus for information of the waiting list. (www.buergermeisterhaus.de/cello-forum)
Preferred lesson times for single and double lessons:  As a rule, these will be accommodated.  However, depending on the number of participants, it may be necessary to discuss a schedule change with the Bürgermeisterhaus. Flexibility is appreciated!

Please note: the course repertoire and lesson times will be agreed with Maria Kliegel and the participants 3 - 4 weeks before the start of the course.
Piano accompanists can be brought along or provided for a fee of 30 €/hour. Please bring piano sheet music with you!

Important: Unfortunately there is no second piano, so there is no possibility to rehearse with a piano during the lessons. Two separate rehearsal rooms without a piano are available.

The course schedule with exact times will be sent to participants about one week before the course starts. Guest auditors will receive the information on the Internet.
Guest auditors are always welcome. Participation is free of charge, but we welcome donations for our cultural work.
Accommodations: Pensions/hotels or inexpensive private accommodations can be arranged upon request. Please note your request when registering.

Recommended accomadations you can find here.
Meals: Alcohol-free drinks, coffee and tea are included in the course fees. Restaurants and snack bars are nearby to take care of your hunger and physical wellbeing!
Public Cello-Forum concert with selected participants: A concert is planned at the conclusion of the Cello-Forum La Cellissima in the Bürgermeisterhaus as part of its classical music series. The exact date will be announced in due time.


Single lessons (50 Minutes)
Adults: 100 €   |   College/Conservatory Students: 80 €


Piano accompanist:  (please reserve when registering)
30 €/hour  ·  Payment to be made cash that day, on site



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Please note:

The registration is binding with receipt of the course fee to the account listed below.


Cancellation by participant:

A: application with money transfer: change into another class without extra cost


partial refund of the payed fee depending on shorter or longer notice of cancellation.

Agreement with the managing director.

B: application without money transfer: 50 € will be due for administation


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Freunde des Bürgermeisterhauses e.V.

IBAN: DE93 3605 0105 0000 2594 40


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